The Tension System is one of the most important components of the SomaTherapy-ED system. Correct application determines the quality of your erection and how long your erection will last. When correctly placed at the base of the penis, the tension system reduces the flow of blood leaving the penis, maintaining the engorgement and rigidity.

Tension System Placement

Correct Tension
Too Tight
Too Loose
We offer 15 different tensions systems so that you can find the comfort and tension that’s just right for you.

SureFit Tension Systems

The new SureFit Tension Systems are designed for comfort, durability and lasting erections. The SureFit comes in the 3 different sizes: X, Y and Z.

SureEase Tension Systems

The SureEase Tension Systems are reusable and are available in two material types. The SureEase Comfort and Ultra are available in two sizes and incorporate four finger loops to evenly stretch the tension system for easy loading and removal.

SureRelease Tension Systems

The SureRelease one-time use tension systems ensure ease of use and removal while providing the same tension functionality as re-useable systems. The SureRelease comes in two sizes: Standard and Enhanced.
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