Women contemplating the truth about a penis pump


The answer to this question is, well… it just depends. Are you prepared to spend the time necessary to learn how to use a penis pump? What do you expect it to do? How do you define the purpose of a penis pump?

What are the real differences between a medical penis pump and a novelty product?  What is penile health and furthermore is it important to you?  Is your partner interested in a better sex life?  How you answer these questions are very important if you want the answers to the question do penis pumps really work.

A man called into Augusta Georgia with a prescription from his urologist for an erectile dysfunction pump and asked if we could ship next day air to California.  He and his wife were preparing to leave in three days for a cruise to celebrate their 35th Wedding anniversary, he wanted to surprise her.

We convinced the gentleman not to order under the pretense of using the device on his trip.  We talked for 30 minutes before he decided to wait until he returned to begin training with the device before attempting sexual intercourse.  We didn’t want his anniversary cruise to be a disappointment. He didn’t either.


How to use a penis pump


place the penis in the cylinderApply the system over the penis.
apply vacuum to create an erectionActivate the pumping mechanism. This will draw the blood into the penis, causing an erection.
Remove the cylinder and you have your fullest natural erection
Once the penis is fully engorged, the tension ring is placed at the base of the penis, maintaining the erection.


The process is straightforward. Simply place a cylinder, with a pumping mechanism on the opposite end of the open end of the cylinder, around the base of your penis.  You activate the manual or battery-operated pump head to draw air from the cylinder which pulls blood into the penis as it is creating a vacuum.  Lastly, remove the cylinder while sliding a tension ring from the base of the cylinder to the base of the penis and you have an erection.  This process can be completed in 2-3 minutes.

This process is very simple……. once you have learned how to do it. 


learning to use a penis pumps is like learning to drive a car

Want to ride a bike, all you must to do is sit on the seat, push off with one foot, steer and pedal. 

To drive a car just turn the key, push the accelerator, and turn the steering wheel. 

I think you get the point here…. after the learning, the doing becomes very easy. If you are not willing to go through the learning, the doing will not happen.

There are plenty of people who never learn to ride a bike and some people never drive a car.  This doesn’t mean that bicycles and cars are not incredibly effective means of travel.

The truth is the same here, you should expect to spend some time learning to use an erectile dysfunction pump before planning on using it for sexual intimacy.  If you have gone (2) two or more years without normal erectile function, you will have to recondition blood vessels and penile tissues to handle blood flow, this can take a couple of weeks depending on your level of penile health and whether you are willing to practice once a day at first.


Purpose of a penis pump


In 1982 Geddings Osbon was granted clearance to market, with a claim to treat, erectile dysfunction or impotence. The language of the FDA was specific, “to create penile rigidity.” The purpose of an erectile dysfunction pump, vacuum therapy device, or penis pump, is to create and maintain an erection for up to 30 minutes. 

The FDA added another claim in 2008 which was for use in “penile rehabilitation.”

No claims have been approved to “increase penis size.” Penile enlargement is not a claim sanctioned or approved by the FDA.  Adult product websites and novelty products regularly label products and make claims that are not supported by clinical data or sanctioned by FDA regulations. 

A peer-reviewed clinical study claims that vacuum therapy for penile rehabilitation can prevent loss of penile length related to a radical prostatectomy.  Physicians are free to make these claims.  Medical device companies are held to different standards.


Medical Penis Pump



The FDA has approved the penis pump to treat ED

FDA Class II Medical Device guidelines establish labeling claims that are acceptable for penile rigidity devices a.k.a…penis pumps, erectile dysfunction pumps, vacuum therapy or negative pressure devices. 

Quality systems and good manufacturing practices ensure design controls, quality standards, and inspections. Quality guidelines and safety measures are followed by medical device manufacturers. The FDA requires manufacturers of class II medical devices to register under the existing 510K. 

If the manufacturer of a product you are considering is not registered this should be a red flag and a basic requirement for purchasing this type of product.

Registration and FDA compliance does not guarantee a superior device, but it is the basis for a minimum standard. Buying a non-medical penis pump may be a waste of your money and may also distort your views around the effectiveness of an erectile dysfunction penis pump that is medical grade.

The American Urological Association recognized vacuum therapy as the first step treatment in treating erectile dysfunction in 1995.


Penile Health



Penis pumps work like a pair of shoes once you learn to use them


A penis pump or erectile dysfunction pump does not create penile health.  What does is the process of creating an erection at regular intervals.  As blood is pulled from the body to a flaccid or non-erect penis, arterial based oxygenated blood stretches and supports blood vessels and tissues in the penis, thus keeping them healthy. 

It’s all about regular blood flow which brings much-needed oxygen to penile tissues.

Nocturnal penile tumescence, or night time erections, occur during REM sleep.  3-5 erections happen every 24 hours as a result of this natural process.  If medications or underlying medical conditions prevent nocturnal erections from happening the results can be harmful to the penis. 

Penile shrinkage, tissue atrophy, and programmed cell death are the types of damage to your penis that occur without the presence of naturally occurring blood flow to flaccid penile tissues in the form of erections.  What makes an erectile dysfunction pump a great tool for maintaining penile health, is that using it is a simple way to move blood and oxygen into tissues that are flaccid. 

A penis pump can be used to create daily erections without drugs, needles, or surgeries.  Incorporate the use of a medical penis pump into your routine.  Before your shower or bath, use the system without the ring to create an erection and hold it for 3-5 minutes in the cylinder. 

Release the erections and repeat the process several times an in one session to mimic the healthful benefits otherwise produced by nocturnal erections that are no longer present in each 24-hour period.  You can do this a couple of times a week.


Better Sex Life


Penis pumps improve Intimate relationships
In order for a penis pump to create a better sex life, you must have a partner that is as equally committed as you are.  Physically intimacy and emotional wellbeing go hand in hand.  Emotional well-being can be expanded with sexual intimacy.  

ED affects both partners, and by using an erectile dysfunction pump emotional wellbeing and intimacy can be restored along with erectile function, even after its loss.  If your partner is committed to restoring this aspect of your life together.  



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