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Michael C. Osbon has been has been the president of Augusta Medical Systems since 2005. He has worked in the field of manufacturing and men’s sexual health for most of his life. Michaels grandfather Geddings D. Osbon created the first modern vacuum therapy device and received original FDA marketing approval for what became the first commercially available erectile dysfunction pump in 1982. Michaels father, Julian W. Osbon formed a company he later sold called Osbon Medical Systems (OMS). OMS gained acceptance for ED pumps in the medical community for an older but well-known product to treat ED, the Osbon Erec-Aid.

During his tenure at Augusta Medical Systems, Michael C. Osbon trained and led a national team of clinical educators working directly with men suffering from erectile dysfunction in the most well-known and respected Urology practices throughout the United States. According to Mr. Osbon, “our direct clinical experience as educators and trainers within Urology clinics in 50 states around the country is what created Soma Therapy-ED™. We simply listened and learned from men using vacuum therapy products to drive product innovation. Augusta Medical Systems has effectively channeled learning and feedback into improving erectile dysfunction patient outcomes with vacuum therapy. As designers and manufacturers, clinical experience has been the key to driving significant improvements beyond the original design.”

Soma Therapy-ED™ is considered the best in class medical grade erectile dysfunction pump because it was created “for men suffering from erectile dysfunction,” “by men suffering from erectile dysfunction.” Augusta Medical Systems products are available throughout the world. The company is excited that men can now purchase our devices in the United States without a prescription!

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Erectile dysfunction linked to Vitamin D deficiency

Posted on: 22 Oct 2017

  Vitamin D is a nutrient sometimes known as “the sunshine vitamin” because direct sunlight produces it naturally in our bodies. It is also known to play a key role in biochemical processes ranging from bone renewal to hormone balance.  So, how is erectile dysfunction linked to a vitamin D deficiency? Researchers from Johns Hopkins … Continued

5 Healthy Living Tips for Better Sex over 50

Posted on: 17 Oct 2017

  Sex over 50 is not taboo: Who talks about sex? Who is having sex? Who is having fulfilling sex? We’re here to assure you that sex over 50 can be the best sex of your life – and you don’t have to make huge changes to make it a regular habit for you and your … Continued

Improve results of Viagra with Erectile Dysfunction Pump

Posted on: 13 Oct 2017

Erectile Dysfunction and Diabetes 66 diabetic patients with erectile dysfunction and diabetes participated in a clinical study published in the International Journal of Urology to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of combining an erectile dysfunction pump with sildenafil (Viagra).      The objective of the study was to determine if the success of Viagra (sildenafil) was improved when … Continued

Natural remedies for Erectile Dysfunction? Start with your diet

Posted on: 06 Oct 2017

Erectile dysfunction is a common occurrence that can cause both emotional and physical frustration for you and your partner. While there are many treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), your first step doesn’t have to be a medication, there are natural remedies for erectile dysfunction.  Start with your diet.  In fact, we think it’s best to … Continued

How Vacuum Therapy Can Reverse the Effects of Erectile Dysfunction

Posted on: 03 Oct 2017

Achieving and sustaining an erection after developing erectile dysfunction, or ED, can feel like a distinct impossibility from the start. As failed attempts increase, confidence in your abilities may start to wane considerably. You can regain control over your body and eliminate the symptoms caused by ED with support from a vacuum therapy device. Once … Continued

How Diabetes and Erectile Dysfunction Are Related

Posted on: 09 Aug 2017

If you have diabetes, your risk of developing erectile dysfunction is three times higher than individuals without this metabolic condition. In fact, up to 75% of men with type 1 or 2 diabetes eventually end up exhibiting symptoms of erectile dysfunction, especially when blood sugar levels are not well controlled. Furthermore, the ED symptoms tend … Continued

Do Penis Pumps Work Better If the Device Is Custom Fit To The User?

Posted on: 06 Jul 2017

Do penis pumps work better with a custom fit? ED pumps are like other external medical devices in terms of fit. Ankle, knee, and shoulder braces all must be adjusted to fit the injured.  Crutches, canes, and walkers are all customizable to the individuals using these devices.  If the magnification of glasses ought to be … Continued

Do Penis Pumps Work? Common Questions About Penis Pumps for ED

Posted on: 12 Jun 2017

Do penis pumps work? The natural and effective penis pump has the potential to positively impact your erectile dysfunction, or ED, symptoms before your very eyes. It’s easy to learn how to use, and a ED pump lacks serious adverse side effects, making it the perfect solution for ED symptoms that may be wreaking havoc … Continued

ED Pumps Used With ED Medications

Posted on: 08 Jun 2017

ED treatment varies from ED medication to surgery, to more natural options. Successful weight loss treatments almost never consist of only one method or type of solution.  Diet and exercise are so commonly recommended together that the phrase “diet and exercise” almost exists in our thinking as one course of treatment. Even though diet, and … Continued

Top 3 Reasons Why an ED Pump Will Not Work

Posted on: 31 May 2017

Not all ED pumps are effective   There are challenges to buying an effective, high quality ED pump.  Unlike other consumer products such as automobiles, clothing, or household appliances, it is difficult to compare one erectile dysfunction pump to another before making a purchase.  Neighbors might compare gas grills or sporting goods for product quality, … Continued