Up to 75% of patients with diabetes will develop erectile dysfunction due to cardiovascular complications caused by challenges with blood sugar control. Thankfully, with proper treatment, the vast majority of these patients with diabetes and ED enjoy full resolution of their erectile dysfunction symptoms. Treatment does not have to include invasive medical procedures or medications either to effectively relieve these distressing symptoms. In fact, if you have diabetes and ED, you can actually utilize minimally invasive treatments, such as vacuum pump therapy, to resolve your symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Vacuum Pump Therapy is clinically shown to be successful in over 95% of men without ingesting drugs, using needles, or undergoing surgical procedures.

Diabetes and Sexual Dysfunction

Your body’s ability to produce and maintain healthy erections directly relies on the health of your cardiovascular system. Therefore, when poorly controlled blood sugar levels cause extensive damage to the vessels across your entire body, erectile dysfunction is the direct result. Once this situation occurs, your risk of developing serious cardiovascular conditions spikes as well.

You must discuss the development of erectile dysfunction with your doctor to acquire the level of care required for the prevention of further complications. Furthermore, your doctor can help you resolve your erectile dysfunction symptoms by working through the treatment options from least to most invasive.  Vacuum Pump Therapy is known by many physicians as the cornerstone of treatment protocols for diabetes and sexual dysfunction not only for its standalone success, but because it enhances successful treatment outcomes when combined with other medical interventions.

Interventions for Diabetes Erectile Dysfunction

Doctors must utilize your personal medical history to identify the treatment, or combination of treatments, best suited for your system. In the beginning stages, many doctors will jumpstart the treatment process by having their patients undergo psychotherapy to rule out or resolve mental health effects contributing to the continuation of the erectile dysfunction symptoms. Upon completion of the counseling sessions, you can focus on the physical aspects of the treatment process.

The most common ED treatment options include:

  • Medications, including hormone replacement therapy
  • Penile injections
  • Urethral suppositories
  • Penile implants
  • Revascularization

Unfortunately, many of these treatments are relatively invasive or carry a high risk of side effects. To circumvent the risks while achieving positive results, your doctor may initially suggest the sole use of vacuum pump therapy.

Best ED Treatment for Diabetes

Due to its high success rate and low risk of side effects, vacuum pump therapy is considered the least invasive, best ED treatment for diabetes. The device works within three minutes and only has the potential to cause mild penile bruising while learning to properly use the device. With correct use of the vacuum pump, most patients achieve quick and thorough resolution of their erectile dysfunction symptoms.

Since vacuum pump therapy has a relatively low lifetime cost compared to the other options, this treatment is an excellent starting point for most patients. If patients desire even greater results, it is possible to combine vacuum therapy with any of the other available treatment options.

Resolving The Effects of Diabetes and ED

Your doctor can help you work through the available erectile dysfunction treatments, starting with the least invasive options. Upon making a link between your diabetes and ED diagnoses, go ahead and discuss vacuum pump therapy with your care provider. To start this non-invasive therapy option, you can source a high quality, FDA-approved vacuum pump from Augusta Medical Systems. To ensure the success of all patients, this medical device comes with complete patient instructions and access to customer support at 1-800-827-8382.


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