The Benefits of a Natural Cure for ED

The impact that erectile dysfunction, or ED, symptoms have on your self-confidence and romantic relationship may have you clamoring for an effective solution. Unfortunately, many medical solutions for erectile dysfunction are fairly invasive and can cause serious side effects to occur from the outset. Therefore, diving into a treatment without considering the consequences can potentially … Continued

The Tension System Makes a Difference

In order for a vacuum therapy device to be effective for sexual intimacy, two very basic activities have to be accomplished: Blood must be drawn into the penis using a cylinder and pumping device or mechanism to create an erection. A tension system or constriction device then holds blood in the penis to maintain the … Continued

Do penis pumps work? How to Use a Penis Pump

The misconception that erectile dysfunction is a natural and unavoidable part of aging, can act as a deterrent to seeking treatment for this condition. The fact is that, no matter the cause, erectile dysfunction symptoms can be reversed through the use of a high quality medical grade penis pump, which is also known as a … Continued

Medical Grade Vacuum Erection Device

Medical grade vacuum erection devices for erectile dysfunction are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).  They are classified as a Class II Medical Device. Buyers beware! There are currently hundreds upon hundreds of different ED pumps for sale. Price’s and design very quite a bit among the many available options. Despite numerous ED … Continued

Medicare and the Vacuum Erection Device

During the 2014 winter session of congress legislatures enacted a bill titled the ABLE Act. The bill passed the United States Senate as a bipartisan law to create tax free savings accounts for individuals with disabilities.  To offset the legislation’s cost Medicare eliminated, among other spending cuts, reimbursement for vacuum erection devices as a covered … Continued

Nocturnal Erections and Penile Health

By Augusta Medical Systems Erections are necessary to keep penile tissues healthy, so is frequent sex important for the health of the penis? The answer to that question would be yes if not for nocturnal erections. Certain anatomical processes occur during sleep that naturally create erections, called nocturnal penile tumescence (NPT) or nocturnal erections. These … Continued

Penile Rigidity and Penile Health

Erectile dysfunction is defined as the inability to achieve and maintain an erection that is sufficient for sexual intercourse. For many of the right reasons we focus on erectile dysfunction, or absence of penile rigidity, in terms of how it impacts sexual intimacy and the relationships of couples effected by ED. You might find it … Continued